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01. Insurtech Global Outlook 2021 Report

164-pages report on the current trends in the Insurtech industry in times of pandemic, from the impact of COVID-19 situation on accelerating digital transformation, new form of value chain, arrival of new business models and insurers’ investments to the insurance ecosystem on the basis of technology application.

Also available in Japanese | 日本語版ダウンロード

02. Executive Summary

9-pages Executive Summary report that abstracts 10 main insights from our Insurtech Global Outlook 2021 report.

Also available in Japanese | 日本語版ダウンロード

03. In-depth Interviews

The most valuable insights from the leaders of the world's leading insurers and innovation institutions. Through these in-depth interviews we address relevant aspects for the insurance industry such as Trends that are driving the change in this sector, Digital Transformation, Technology, Ecosystems or the New Digital Culture.

Also available in Japanese | 日本語版ダウンロード

04. In-depth report

In-depth analysis on topics of great value to the insurance industry. In this space we share our vision on the aspects that are shaping the Insurance, based on our experience and knowledge in this field.

  • The Auto Dilemma
  • Rethinking Healthcare for 2030
  • Predicting Successful Organizations

05. Insurtech Global Outlook 2020

Check out our previous report.