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Business collaborations on the Smart Mobility Ecosystem

Recently, NTTDATA and Toyota Connected announced a business alliance to strengthen and advance their global development and operation capabilities through collaboration and personnel exchanges in the mobility services business.

Interview with Hisashi Takahashi, Senior Manager of Manufacturing IT Innovation Sector at NTT DATA and Keisuke Uehara, Business and System Development Deputy Manager at NTT DATA

Insurtech: How was the Alliance between NTT DATA and Toyota born? What were the purposes behind this agreement?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: NTT DATA has been played a leading role in the Connected Car R&D between overall Toyota Motor Corporation & NTT since 2017, that trust which has been built up led to the business alliance between Toyota Connected & NTT DATA with the strong endorsement of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Insurtech: What attracted your companies the most to start investing on the Mobility scenario?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Connected and Mobility services between vehicles and beyond vehicle no doubt will boom up in coming 10 years, and NTTDATA is sure to contribute on TOYOTA´s mobility strategy by the cutting edge ICT technologies.

Insurtech: How did you transform the knowledge you already had in the sector to develop this technology? Which roles did each of you (Toyota, NTT DATA) play in this process?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Now is on the team building stage at the begininng of the strategic partnerships between TOYOTA Connected & NTTDATA. Mixturing know-how and technologies in the AUTO & Telecom industries help NTTDATA to accelerate providing mobility platform technologies.

Insurtech: How do you think OEMs and insurers can take advantage of this new “mobility concept”?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: TOYOTA Connected supported by NTTDATA will provide various types of API for many mobility services on top of Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) which would be open to the external Servicers, and that APIs enable insures to joint their own insure services.

Insurtech: Which would you say are the greatest challenges for the automotive industry within the smart mobility ecosystem?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: The shift to the "Software First" from the manufacturer of the Vehicle and establishing "car association" which share non-competitive area each other.

Insurtech: How does this alliance contribute to the development of smart cities?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Toyota Connected and NTTDATA hope to contribute to the areas such on transportation, logistics, and mobility.

Insurtech: How do you see the risk of making the decision of investing in technologies like these that are expected to bring results just in the mid and long term?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: In a rapid speed evolution of technologies, feasibility of technology, profitability of business, and long lasting maintenance/support services.

Insurtech: Which are the threats of developing this kind of technologies? Is it related to the legal framework, ethical implications or competitors?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Too many localization/customization may impact on the sustenability of this type of platform business.

Insurtech: Talking about ethical implications, which role does privacy play on your solutions? What do you do with the huge amounts of data that it delivers?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: The attentive customer services in which privacy information much included will be a key for the success of mobility service, therefore the data protection & security are essentioal when providing those services.

Insurtech: Do you think cities, markets and personas are ready to coexist in the smart mobility ecosystem?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: It will be a step by step approach to unite into one existance.

Insurtech: In the case of insurers, what’s your opinion on their role of insurers in the smart mobility ecosystem and on response on the current challenges that the automotive industry is living?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Insurers must keep keen eyes not only on the autonomous technologies but also on the safety ones which OEMs invest on.

Insurtech: Do you think you could deploy your technology to solve insurance issues that arise from the smart mobility challenges? How do you see the collaboration of big Corps as yours with the Insurance sector?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: Yes, now the big data center is storing detailed driver, drive & vehicle data, which must be utilized by insurers for the optimized insurances.

Insurtech: Finally, how do you envision the future of mobility?

Hisaashi Takahashi and Keisuke Uehara: That will enrich the quality of life and solve social problems.

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